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Aft Cabin
The Aft Cabin has a watertight bulkhead forward, and a watertight hatch overhead. This cabin is designed to support the operation of the vessel. There is an inside steering station, chart table, pinrail, winch, and steering mechanism. There is an additional hatch overhead that allows a helmsman to see outside while using the inside steering station. All sail control lines can be led into the cabin through a special baffle.

Before the Rebuild

Old aft cabin interior.

Looking Aft

Old aft cabin interior.

Note the lantern for light.  A headlamp was used at sea.

Demolishing the Interior

Sailboat interior removed
Sailboat interior removed

New Aft Cabin Interior

Sailboat Interior Rebuild

Engine Room Door and inside steering station. No cushions on the bunk yet.

Sailboat chart table
Sailboat aft cabin interior

Looking aft. No bunk cushions installed. A floor protector mat is in place.

Sailboat Aft Cabin Cushions

Aft Cabin Porthole

Sailboat Aft Porthole

The aft-most porthole is from the 1929 steam powered City of Detroit Fireboat John Kendall. 

Glacier Gem Aft Porthole
John Kendall Fireboat

Fireboat John Kendall. For more information about the John Kendall, click here.

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