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A Near Miss

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

All I can say, drink and boat/drive RESPONSIBLY!

We had an absolutely gorgeous day sailing yesterday, left before the sun came up, navigated the river and the bridges at dark, which was beautiful with all the city lights and the moon setting, and challenging in itself and add early boaters going out fishing in the bay without any navigation/running lights. Just imagine driving at night without lights! Sure, YOU might be able to see, BUT you are then a danger to others as they cannot see you as easily or until it's too late sometimes. We motored down the river through the bridges, but as soon as we could, hoisted our sails as the winds were perfect out of the South to send us into the Bay, and Lake Huron. Sailing vessels, without being under engine power, have a less maneuverability. Just something to keep in mind when running in the dark, or fog without lights, or when drinking alcohol for that matter. As it can be deadly! I'll get back to that last part later.

We had just a gorgeous day sailing in the Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron with perfect winds.

Then we came in to Tawas Bay for the night, and for the weekend, under sail, and a cabin cruiser going about 26 mph ( for a boat that size that's pretty fast! 😮) right at us! Without any lights! A dark boat at night! 😱😨 Barely, just barely missed us. Didn't even see us, which is kinda weird as our big sails were backlight from the full moon rising. Then we saw them, 2 drunk guys, passing us at continued high speed without even flintching or changing course! Probably were even running on auto pilot! That could have been deadly! And not to mention, major damage if not more (like sinking) of either or both vessels.

Jeez!!! WHAT a close call!!! THE closest call ever for Nick, and he's been boating/sailing for most of his life!!

Phew, got our hearts racing!

After that near miss, a major scare, we made it into the harbor, tied up to the sea wall, tried to relax and go to sleep. It took a while, but a good nights rest was had by both 🥰 Ready for some more adventures, today with family and hopefully less scary!

Also, check out the new photo of the week posted to our website!


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