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Anchor Line Eyesplice

Here are Before and After photos of an eyesplice in 3/4” diameter 3-strand nylon anchor line. The rope is from CWC. The thimble is made of 316 stainless steel and is from Toplicht in Hamburg, Germany. The anchor attaches to the thimble with a shackle. There are 5 tucks on each strand. The strand ends are seized and left protruding for inspection. If the strand ends are tapered, or buried, then the fibers can pull out on heavy loading which results in fraying, loss of strength, and I think makes an unsightly appearance. This is how workboat splices are commonly executed. On workboats, the strand ends are usually just siezed with electrical tape.

3-strand splicing
Splicing three strand anchor line

Splicing anchor line
3-strand eyesplice with some thimble


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