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Back to our old stomping grounds

After leaving Europe, having spent 90! days there (Nick) we made it back to Michigan. Kind of bittersweet leaving, as much work and fun was still to be had!

We spent about two and a half weeks with Nick's mom and Dan, mostly helping them in getting ready for winter.

We took down trees that were ready to go, chopped and split them, and made a pretty good sized pile! All in all a couple seasons worth of wood! Hopefully....

Enjoying the beautiful fall temperatures and colors while working outdoors, was definitely a bonus and a must!

Some of that white stuff even came down for a day! ❄️

We also made sure to visit as many friends and family as we could 🥰

Accomplishimg some odds and ends kind of maintaince was done too.

And just like that, the two and a half weeks flew by rather fast.... saying "good bye, see you soon" is never easy.

Flying back to Cartagena was going to take us two days.

Ready or not, we are leaving on a jet plane don't know when we'll be back again..... ✈️🛫🛬


Ann Jim Gould
Ann Jim Gould
Dec 22, 2023

Great pictures! That was a lot of wood! :) It was nice seeing you, hope you have a nice Christmas and fun 2024. Looking forward to more updates & pictures.


Stanislav Repa
Dec 17, 2023

Great job and beautiful pictures!! Safe sailing...😘


Jay Levan
Jay Levan
Dec 16, 2023

I could use about half that wood here

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