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Cargo Room Taking Shape

In case you’re wondering about our main cabin beams, porthole trims and panels, they are awaiting another paint job. So in the meantime we’ve moved into the Cargo Room to get it going for the wood panels, as they too need painting! That way, all can get painted at once.

We have just welded…well Nick does the welding…and framed in place, four bunks in our Cargo Room, which the two top bunks on either side are removable (for cargo space), a tig welder, a fire pump and his toolbox! His “work” place/room is taking shape!

There is also a standpipe on the starboard side under the toolbox that protects the transducer (the depth measurer) if it was ever sheared off the hull, it wouldn’t leak! 😲

All four bunks are large enough for an adult male!

As our work up there continues on this grumpy, rainy and cold day, our goal today is to stay high and dry.


Feb 23, 2022

I can’t wait to see you two explore the world. Good luck 🍀


Stanislav Repa
Feb 23, 2022

Great job Nick!!🍻☀️

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