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Continuing Our Journey South On The Mississippi River

We spent some wonderful days in Memphis during our rebuild, having a chance to explore its downtown!

As we left Memphis on that drury, foggy day, we were hoping for warmer and sunnier days as we are headed South after all ! Right?๐Ÿ˜ณ

Well, not quite... chilly mornings, to around freezing temperatures, and for the first several days, cloudy, rainy days. Having our wood stove has been awesome!!

Our anchorage for that night ended up being tucked in behind a rock wall/dike, in calmer waters, as the Mississippi River has some pretty strong currents!

Nick had to check this spot out first though with our dinghy, as there was that rock wall/dike mostly submerged with a very small possible entrance, and we were not sure if it was deep enough for the big boat to go through. Against a very strong current none the less!

Phew, thank goodness it worked out!

Our next stop, a longer stop, was going to be Greenville MS the next night. We didn't want to push our newly rebuild engine too much, so we started with somewhat shorter runs, days.

We also knew heavy weather in form of a bad storm was moving into the area and we were not going to outrun that.

We found an old delapitaded houseboat, or boathouse on shore that we tied off of the stern and additionally cast an anchor from the bow. There wasn't very good holding ground in the area and as some nasty winds were coming with that storm, we were making sure we wouldn't get blown away.

Tornado sirens kept us up on our toes for part of the night, and howling winds, rocking the boat, but we were safe!

Nick wanted to take the next day to check the engine over, so we chose to spend another night at this anchorage, as he could perform some minor adjustments, like the fuel injection timing and just to make sure she was running the way she was supposed to! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

We've had some unusual anchorages along the way for sure, just our style actually, but "different", and we've enjoyed them very much!

Another one of our anchorages was an abandoned heavy lifting machinery type of thing in a slough, that had a "dock" attached to it! Perfect for us for the night! Mooing cows were heard from a field close by. Awesome!

The other one was in another slough, tied of to some tree trunks that were wedged in the muddy ground in shallower waters. Nice and peaceful, the only sounds that night we heard, were of owls.

And another anchorage along this journey, was an out of service lock, where it had a floating dock attached to it.

As we are continuing our treck South, temperatures are finally getting warmer during the day, and the sun is sticking around longer too! However with starry and clear nights, we are still encountering frosty mornings.

We are very much enjoying the scenery, the wildlife and it's people the Mighty Mississippi River has to offer, one can only experience going down on it!

Memphis to New Orleans is just as long of a journey on the rivers as Chicago to Memphis was...soooo, we are more than halfway there. YAY!

Stay tuned, as our adventure continues ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿค—

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