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Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Isla Mujeres! We are into you!

Sounds idyllic, and it could be, it kinda is an island paradise....if you are on vacation!

We have been "stuck" here now, due to unfavorable weather conditions (for us to depart) for a good 5 weeks! We are itching to leave!!!

First week we spent at anchor, checking in with the required formalities and getting acquainted with people and this place.

The next 4 weeks we had settled into a "Marina", more of a dock. We had tied to a dock with another sailboat tied to us, like parallel parking. The depths aren't the best for most sailboats there.

We were happy to get "fresh" water, although heavily chlorinated, but "fresh-er" nonetheless, for showering and clothes washing etc.

Met some nice people, fellow sailors, from all over the world, enjoyed walking and exploring the entire Island!

We enjoyed easier access to get groceries, and drinking water., taking the trash out.

Definitely a luxury being tied to a dock or being at a Marina.

It did come however with mosquitoes and warmer temperatures as there were less breezes and winds. These kind of things make a huge difference at night, when you are trying to sleep with temperatures hardly any "cooler" than the 90°F+ (32C+) temperatures during the day!

We enjoyed it, but after 4 weeks tied to the dock, having planned to go there only for a very short couple days while waiting for our weather window to continue South, we had paid our dues and moved back out of the dock area to the anchorage were we originally started out at.

We missed the breezes, the winds and the ability to jump into the beautifully warm waters! And most importantly NO mosquitoes! 🥴🤣... we now just have to run our errands by taking the dinghy to land...

While here this time, we chose to put out our largest, heaviest anchor (110 lbs/ 50kgs) as strong winds and heavier gusts were expected for the next week or more. That anchor is three times bigger than the recommended size.

It's been gusting to 35 mph (56km/h) for the past several days and while our anchor is sitting snug, we have been "entertained" by several sailboats seeking refuge in the lagoon, escaping the heavy gusts, and by several sailboats dragging anchor!

Sailboats drag anchor either in poor holding ground, (which we have here, grass with light mud bottom), wrong kind of anchor (possibly wrong kind or size for that type of boot), poor techniques or simply leaving the boat unattended and not paying attention to what's going on.

Yesterday, Nick went to help another sailor who asked for assistance because another sailboat was dragging their anchor. The owners went to shore and were unaware their boat was about to go aground. When they returned they said they thought he might have been burglarizing the boat!

The nerve!

And since all he did was dive their anchor to make sure it was hooked, and didn't even step on board, it was odd to not get a simple thank you in return.

Another sailboat ended up losing its dinghy, due to either heavy winds or to theft, and as the days continues with these heavy gusts, we've been watching more sailboats drag anchor, or bail out of this beautiful anchorage for "safer pastures"!

Who needs a TV? We certainly have enough "entertainment" around us, just watching and paying attention!

Watching and paying attention does pay off in more than one way!

Like WATCH before jumping into the water for a swim or snorkel! 😳

This 5 foot ( 1.5 m) Barracuda has been hanging around our boat for several days now!

And the sunrises, sunsets and stars are soooo much more beautiful at anchor.... so, as we hang out here and enjoy life, we continue to wait....

And as someone at one time had said " The beer here is cheaper than the water!"

We say the occasional CHEERS and we carry on.... life here goes muuuch slower... and we comply! (Internet, cell services etc)


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