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Thank you to all of our friends who helped in making the rebuild occur.

This was a team effort to say the least. Thank you to the following people:

  • Mick for getting us to safety and for his guidance on our rebuild task. His decision making is why we were not run-down by any number of towboats.

  • Joe for giving us a place to work, loaning tools, and for making Memphis awesome.

  • Ina and Jeff for their morale support and offer to assist.

  • Ed and Steve for volunteering to road-trip from Wisconsin to Memphis with parts.

  • Craig for his tremendous knowledge and his time and ideas.

  • Kerstin and her family for her ever so loving support, without them, we wouldn't be able to do any of this!

  • Jay for feeding us (twice) at a very critical time.

  • Jeff for his detailed, specific guidance, experience, and support of this project.

  • Bruce and Cathy for finding our spare crankshaft and meeting us alongside the interstate all the way down in Knoxville, Tennessee! YAY, road-trip! was a game-changer moment for us for sure.

  • A gigantic thank you to Pat and Dan who stopped in Memphis, for a week, and made the setup for the rebuild possible. Without them we wouldn't have had fuel, food, oil, parts, coolant, firewood to keep warm, scuba breathing air, parts cleaner, a vehicle to drive in our errands in...(basically everything).

  • Tommy for his kindness and wonderful T-Day meal delivered in the rain.

  • Kenny and his team for fresh fish and alligator sausage, yum!

  • All of those who reached out to us. It didn't go unnoticed.

The following engine tasks were completed:

  • Replaced crankshaft

  • Replaced main bearings

  • New pistons, rings, pins, circlips

  • New #2 conrod

  • New crank pin bearings

  • New crankshaft oil seals on both ends

  • New injectors

  • New fuel injection pump

  • New gaskets

Here are a few random photos from the rebuild.

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