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Exploring Key West, it’s surrounding Keys, and saying good bye to it all

Updated: Apr 2

Key West Florida is a neat place and we very much enjoyed it. It was out of necessity that we ended up here, but made the best out of it (replacing our cutlass, and then our shaft too).

We explored the Keys as best as we could, Sand Key for some reef snorkeling, Women's Key and Boca Grande Key for some beach time!

My girlfriend Ina was able to make a surprise visit and join us on some of these island fun adventures, as we were waiting for our weather window to continue the journey. WHAT a fabulous surprise it was!

She came for just a couple of days, and stayed almost a week!👍🏻😘

Our first friend/visitor sailing with us. YAY!

And, she got an on the job training course! For free of course. 🤣

We had an awesome time exploring some of the Keys! Saw many dolphins, spotted ray flying out of the water, manatees, sharks and plenty of beautiful birds and fish! Of course we saw the usual suspects, barracudas.

And simply said, perfect sailing with awesome weather, great company, beautiful sealife, all while waiting on our weather window to continue South. Priceless!❤️

As our time together came to an end, she went back home, and we continued our passage planning.

As it happened, our friend Mick suggested us to go North along Florida's west coast to cut through Florida at the Okeechobee Waterways, come out on the Atlantic side to cross the current at a shorter 50nm sail to the Bahama Islands.

Our weather window for that was the next day!

What was going to be our last night at anchor, taking advantage of the wind and weather, we had a dinghy stop by with Becca and Bill, Pam and Jeff on board to give us a visit to say hello! 🥰

What wonderful people! We ended up getting invited to their house for a delicious dinner, a swim in their pool and the best of it all, their company!

The next morning, we hoisted anchor and off we sailed.

So, Northbound it was going to be to go back Southbound!

We were going to stop to say hi to Mick on the way up to the Okeechobee Waterways, but it wasn't meant to be.

So Northbound we sail...

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