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Making Galley Pot Holders

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We fabricated some galley pot holders today. Actually, it took a couple of days because we had to make our own hinges on the lathe. These prevent hot cooking pots, and their hot contents, from sliding off the stove burner while underway. Sliding pots could result in some very serious burns or fires. The pot holders have clamps that can be loosened to accommodate different pot sizes.

It‘s worth noting that we designed the galley layout to reduce the chances of being burned while cooking at sea. Some vessels position their stoves in places where the galley cook is trapped downrange while hot liquids are accidentally slopped over them. On the Gem, we positioned the stove forward of the galley cook so that any hot things slide into the walkway instead of on the the cook.

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Eike Capelle
Eike Capelle
19 janv. 2022

Mark here, Nice Job! I like how you planned ahead.

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