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Waiting Out Our Visa Requirements, Part 1: Germany-Norway

Family time! YAY. And friends too.

We flew from Cartagena to Bogota, Bogota to Houston and then on to Chicago. Weather in the Midwest cancelled our flight onwards to Michigan.

So, change of plans! Spent a couple days with Kerstin and her family. Awesomeness!

Nick ended up flying home to Michigan after a couple days for almost a week to take care of some things and visit with his mom and Dan. I stayed behind to work.

Nick then came along on one of my trips to Germany to go stay at my parent's place for some yummy home cooked meals and to help with some house work at my sister's and her family house before family vacation time was to begin.

In the meantime, I continued working.

All in all about 7 transatlantic trips back to back, for about three weeks.

Then family vacation time came!

Before we began our drive North, we had to absolutely check for mushrooms! A favorite past time I very much enjoyed since I was a little girl. We got lucky too. Nick loved foraging through the forrests with us.

Our bounty was enough for a couple dinners!

Every year my sister and her family rent a house for three weeks in August on an island in Denmark.

We try to make it work on our end to join them.

Last year we were in our final stages to get Glacier Gem ready, so we weren't able be in on the family fun.

But this year was going to be different. The visa requirements for us in Colombia helped us out. By us having to leave for about three months, we made plans to work and enjoy family time.

My parents planned a two week stay, their vacation, in Norway, before meeting up with my sister and her family in Denmark.

We were allowed to tag along.

So here we are, after driving for 10 hours, an overnight and then 4 more hours of driving, at the danish ferry terminal awaiting our boarding onto the ferry to take us to Norway!

Further north we'll go...

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