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Getting Ready Takes Time

We’ve been busy behind the scenes the past several weeks. Between me going to work, moving stuff onto the boat from the house when I get back, and moving slowly out of the house, it sure has been interesting. Living between two households has its challenges!

I also slowly started with our supply shopping for our upcoming voyage. We have about a month before we head on out of here. I’ll still be working a somewhat busy schedule this month, so my days off will be limited, but as long we are moving a little at a time, I’m sure we’ll get it all done in time. 👍🏻

Nick has also been working on our written passage plan, up until Panama, and it’s taking him a looong time to get it completed. Quite a bit of work is involved.

He’s also been taking care of some adjustments and improvements on the boat.

We are hoping to get in some sailing in there somewhere too with friends and family! 🙏🏻👏🏻⛵️

I’m also hoping that by the end of this month most of the administrative work as far as moving out and leaving, can be tackled.


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