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Good Fortune And The Conclusion Of The Illinois Waterway

For the past 6 days, after leaving Chicago Harbour, we've been traveling down the Illinois Waterway.

Thank goodness we finished our journey on the Great Lakes when we did, as a huge storm came in right after we came to Chicago!

We've been in company of Mick of the Phantom, who's become a great friend and an even greater traveling partner! He's headed South too. It's been awesome having him with us! He's not sure yet weither he'll go down the Mississippi River or the Tenn-Tombigbee River. Either way, it's been fantastic having him "by our side"!

Our journey down the Illinois Waterway included 8 locks! Some were busier than others, some required waiting for and a couple we just passed right through. Busy mostly with tow/tug and barge traffic, some maintenance or just simply Mother Nature shutting it down due to super heavy fog. Took some delays because of that, but all in all made great time.

After Chicago's skyscrapers, scenery changed to industry and factories taking advantage of the water system!

It changed too to rural, very rural houses... on stilts. The southern part of Illinois appears to be very much removed from Chicago's way of life! Slower, quieter...

The Waterway is quiet from pleasure boats, just had 3 pass us in the past 6 days, quiet for the season I suppose, except the tow/tug and barge traffic! That's been at times pretty heavy and busy and very interesting.

The first couple days as the weather changed from colder nights to warmer nights, we encountered fog. At times pretty heavy fog, where I couldn't see my hand in front of my face while standing on the bow looking out for navigation aides/bouyies or just traffic.

During this 6 day journey, we stayed at some free docks, a Marina and at anchor. Enjoyed all in their own special way!

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