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HAPPY EASTER, and our boat work continues

Somehow our chickens knew it was Easter!!! Good job girls! How awesome 🐣🐇🤣

We started our work day a bit later today because of it being Easter Sunday, around noon 🤣! (Nick usually starts his workday around 0700-0800) And as we have a goal to achieve, our boat work continues….

Wiring was on the agenda today! Today’s weather was a bit more cooperative to work outside on deck, so electrical wires were routed.

We ran a horn wire, a 12VDC socket, USB ports and three nav light wires all the way from the foredeck down below through watertight deck seals, through 4 watertight bulkheads, also through watertight seals, all the way to the aft cabin control station/panels. Phew! Hard work! Ha! The horn even works! We TESTED it!


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