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Here We Are

A New year, and new adventures! And, it doesn't disappoint!

When we finally got the weather window to leave Venice, Louisiana we headed out to the Gulf of Mexico, direction Yucatán channel, goal Panama Canal.

The passage through the Gulf of Mexico was no easy task. A 500nm trip should have taken us 4 days, but instead took us 8.

The very first day we entered the waters of the Gulf, we encountered waves upto 10 feet (3meters). The wind was what we had waited for, and weather in general. No storms or rain.

But, as the wind had shifted against the current, it created these bigger waves. Nothing we couldn't handle, but it started out a bit rougher, as the seas and waves were confused.

Seas, waves, and wind like that requires us to be harnessed in when on deck. It prevents us from getting washed off or falling off.

Well, that's what the trip started like and it pretty much continued the whole 8 days. Our first day and night got pretty rough.

That first night, we even deployed our drogue, so we could get some stability in the waves with the rocking while sleeping.

As we continued on our sailing trip across the Gulf to the Yucatán Channel, we enjoyed the occasional smoother seas, and much much warmer temperatures, and the favorable winds hung around too, for the most part.

A surprise visitor spent the night with us too, thinking he might need a break too from all the grumpy waters.

We had pods of dolphins come up and surf our bow waves and just play around us in the water! Beautiful sight!

The highlight however was a couple days in.

We came up on a sleeping sperm whale about 25 feet (7-8 m) from us. His distinctive spout blow gave him away. It shoots out forward! He was about 30-40 feet ( 9-12m) in length. It sure was a special sight!

More dolphins graced us with their presence for the next several days. Very special indeed.

We were able to identify them in one of our books, as Bridled Dolphins and Bottlenosed Dolphins.

The winds and currents once again surprised us with a change!

There are predictions, of course there are, with weather and how it changes and moves. But once in awhile, there comes an unexpected change.

So once again, opposing seas, a strong head current, and this time, winds from the wrong direction 🥴

Waves up to 15 feet this time, and very confused seas!

As it's the journey that matters, and not the destination, Cancun Mexico, was only 30nm away (55km) and, we pulled in!

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