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In Case You Are Wondering

We have been here in Mexico now since January 12th, unexpected circumstances brought us here, and we will remain here until we get our weather window to leave out East, then South, still direction Panama Canal.

In case you are wondering what's up, not much!

Just enjoying our unexpected stop and visit.

Started as somewhat of a patience tester with customs, immigration and paperwork coming in by sea, but on the other hand, hey, what's the rush, right? It only took us 5 days!!!! to take care of all the formalities .

We are after all in a vacation spot, and a Mexican 20 minutes is in actuality a good 2 hours or so 🥴😳 So what's the problem?

So here we are, all is well, accomplishing small tasks here and there, we will wait to haul the boat out until Panama to check out the shaft and possibly straightening it there.

In the meantime, we have been editing our upcoming videos and enjoying the area.

There is no fast internet available here for us to upload them to our site, so please be patient until then.

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