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Island-Living, Mexico-style

A month later, and we are still on the Island Isla Mujeres, waiting for just the right weather window. 😳

You might think " well that can't be THAT bad," and it really isn't, but it's not what we planned and it is not we thought we'd be doing.

We are looking forward to sailing on and experiencing other places, people and waters...

The weather pattern brings in changes every 6-7 days or so, with clouds, rain and wind, sometimes quite strong rains and winds....however the weather patterns just don't last long enough, or aren't "right"enough, for us to leave.

Of course we are making the best of it! How can we not!

We get the chance to enjoy Island living... what's not to like about that?? Beaches, swimming, snorkeling and just strolling around the neighborhoods.

It's easily thought and said, "how's your vacation?" to what I can only say "I wish..."

Vacation is much different than living on your boat and sailing around on it!

For a vacation one usually saves up some money, so it can be enjoyed without any worries..... Sailboat-living, especially circumnavigating, one saves a lifetime to be able to do this ONE thing, a DREAM!

But, it can be enjoyed nonetheless 👍🏻🥰 (just a tad bit differently)

It's a very touristy area here on the Island , making the prices a bit higher than other places, we are happy however that we can get fresh water, fruits and vegetables.

The time can come anytime for our weather window to present itself to us, as we are ready to "move on", to sail on...


Saving creatures and making new friends is a MUST while waiting!!! (We returned a lost wallet we found, no easy task here as none of the buildings here have any numbers, and poor guy, the pelican, had a lure hooked to his beak and wing) AND also,.... simply living AND enjoying LIFE!

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