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It’s Been an Honor

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

What an honor it's been docking near the USS COBIA in Manitowoc, WI this past night at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.

Especially its people that come with that Museum, like its visitors, that come by for a quick chat at the dock and show interest in the Gem. Thank you to Manitowac Marina for making our dockage here possible.

A special Thank You to Ms Cathy Green, the Museum Director who came by for a chat, and stayed for a very nice visit!

Come to find out Nick and Cathy know the same people! And dived the same wrecks! And have schooners in common. It's a small world indeed!

A VERY big thank you to you Cathy also for gifting us Museum membership passes AND a CAMM membership ( Council of American Maritime Museums) these gifts are priceless and we are very grateful.

We very much appreciated the museum's exibits.

We had some time to invest here as we waited for the Lake weather to settle down so we could continue down to Chicago.


Oct 30, 2022

Pretty cool place!

Oct 30, 2022
Replying to

It really is!!


Oct 29, 2022

How KOOL!!

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