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Lines Are Cast, And A Dream is ComingTrue

This will be a lengthy post.

As we’ve been working so hard for many years on this dream coming true, especially hard for the last four years. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for family AND friends. And so many other factors…

First, a HUGE thank you to my honey, Nick, for the discipline of working soooo many hours, days, weeks and months, well almost four years!🤣 He worked on the boat, from the bow to the stern and everything in between: engine room, keel, you name it, we posted some of the work on our site and in blogs, he designed and built all of it!

I helped here and there between working at my job and taking care of everyday chores, keeping everything “running” by cooking almost all meals, rather than going out or getting takeout, to save money. Cooking in advance to when I was gone working, so he could just grab something quick and keep working on the rebuild. And, so we had health insurance!

Thank you to my flying family, who helped with rearranging my schedule when needed. 27 years sure have flown by, will sure be slowing down in that department.

Thank you to all our family-friends, you know who you are, who helped us with everything in-between to make this project successful. Your help has been immensely appreciated.

To having wonderful neighbors! You guys are the BEST!! We couldn't have for anyone better!

A special thank you to our parents!

My mom and dad, for giving me the chance every time I work a trip to Europe, Germany, to pick me up and to make it possible to see my sister and her hubby and her three kiddos!!! LOVE being an aunt to them!!!

My wonderful mother-in-law and her wonderful husband! You two have helped more than you’ll ever know!! From borrowing equipment, tools etc to physically helping in soo many ways.

If it weren’t for ALL your support, we wouldn’t be here today! A HUGE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DID AND ARE DOING!

We love you ALL very much!!!

We hope you enjoy the adventures we will share.

To our next adventures!🙏🏻👍🏻

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