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Made It!!!

After roughly 500 nm (nautical miles) we made it around Michigan to Chicago!!

YAY! What a feat, especially this time of year! Weatherwise.

Unfortunately most of it was done under engine power, motoring, as we needed to escape the grumpy weather, cold temperatures, dipping around freezing, rain and stormy stormy waters and winds!

But hey, we made it safely and we are sound.

As we continue our way South along the river systems, the Chicago River, Illinois Waterways, Mississippi River, Ohio River, Tennessee and then finally the Tenn-Tombigbee Rivers to Mobile Alabama, we have about 1300 miles to go and to enjoy!

A looooot of bridges (too many to mention) to pass under and locks, about 26, thus making us take down our masts last night as some of the bridges on the way, especially in Chicago, do not lift open.

We have company along the way by two other vessels, a gentleman with a 22' sloop, and an older gentleman with a cruising yacht.

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