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Navigation Lights Connected!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Finally! Our navigation lights are completely connected. It took us long enough…..started on them about 3 years ago, but other, more important things had to be worked on, installed, and/or finished on the boat.

There are 7 lights as follows:

  • Port navigation light (red)

  • Starboard navigation light (green)

  • Stern light

  • Foremast steaming light

  • Foremast anchor light

  • Crane/Radar mast steaming light

  • Crane/Radar mast anchor light

Our masts are fitted into tabernacles, so we installed an additional set of masthead lights on the crane/radar mast. When the masts are up, the Foremast light set is used. When the masts are down, the Crane/Radar mast light set is used. The Crane/Radar mast is also fitted into tabernacles so that our overall height can be significantly reduced for fitting under low bridges or in tunnels.

For example, once we go down the Illinois Waterway, our masts will be lowered and we wouldn’t have proper navigation lights. This setup allows us to be properly lit with the masts down.


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