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Replacing the Current Ladder and Website Status

The current project is a new Main Companionway hatch ladder. This ladder leads into the Main Cabin. It will replace the current ladder which was designed to facilitate the construction of the vessel. The requirements are as follows:

  • It needs to limit sideways mobility (so feet can't slide off the edge).

  • It needs to work while someone is facing either forward or aft when using the ladder.

  • It needs to have handholds so fingers don't get placed on the hatch rim (where they could get hurt)

  • It needs to work while the boat heels at 20 degrees either port or starboard.

  • It should restrain a person's hips when using the ladder so they don’t fall off the ladder if the boat lurches.

  • It must allow swing clearance for the Main Cabin electrical panel door.

  • It needs to protect bulkhead #3 insulation from being scuffed by toes.

  • It needs a lower end attachment to bulkhead 3.

  • It should be removable.

  • It must have a durable non-skid on the steps.

Glacier Gem Old Companionway Ladder
Old Companionway Ladder

The website is up and running. Thank you to our wonderful friend Le Ander for the constructive feedback and ideas about the website. We are adding photographs daily. Our goal is to bring the website timeline current. Most of our content to be added is a series of photographs that documents our rebuild. There are three years (or more) of photographs of various projects to post. If anyone has any questions about some photos or projects, please send us a message and ask.


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