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Our Time to Cross has Come

Our weather window finally came to cross from Miami Eastbound. The stormy front is finally moving out.

Here, we were, Bahamas bound!

Pretty uneventful crossing, about 60 nm (ca. 110 km), left early in the morning and by afternoon we arrived in Bimini, Bahamas. Our first point of entry and a place to check-in with customs and immigration.

All in all a pretty easy process, mostly online, compared to Mexicos' check-in process, just a tad bit on the expensive side. 😳

Spent a night at a dock there, which we hardly ever do, to make going ashore to take care of the formalities, and to obtain our cruising permit easier, and so we could continue south, through the Bahamian Waters .

Beautiful turquoise waters greeted us, and the clarity of it, just wow! They say it's clear up to 200!feet (60!m) in spots.

As we inch our way along the Bahamian Islands, the Cays (pronunciation keys) direction south, getting us slowly closer and closer to our crossing to the Panama Canal,

I know we'll enjoy these water's, it's beauty and it's adventures they'll bring.

In our next update/blog we'll share our Bahamian sailing, so I hope you'll stayed tuned and continue to enjoy!

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