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PART 2, Waiting Out Our Visa Requirements: Norway-Denmark-Germany

I've been very busy, flying back and forth on 24 transatlantic flights, while Nick has been spending time with the family in Germany working/helping with various projects on my sister's new house!

Before all this work though, we spent some super awesome time in Norway and Denmark...

Once we got to beautiful Norway, it greeted us with gorgeous landscapes and sunshine.

A bed and breakfast several hours north of Trondheim was chosen, right by the sea. We spent two beautiful weeks there, fishing, foraging and picking mushrooms, picking and eating wild berries like red current, raspberries and wild strawberries.

Norway is beautiful and still in many places wild and untouched, but very very expensive.

We took various day trips, one to see an awesome waterfall in Sweden, another to see some old Viking structures, and several just to see its beautiful countryside! It included several ferry rides, which of course Nick loved! 🥰

After our two beautiful weeks in Norway, we drove over to Denmark, stopping in Oslo for the night before taking the ferry across to Denmark. Enjoyed our day walking the Fram Museum , the very first ship to go through the arctic ice!

We continued to the island of Rømø, to spend a week with my sister and family!

This wonderful time was spent going to the Watten Sea to walk on it's beautiful loooong beaches, flying kites and just walking for miles and miles on this wonderful island west of mainland Denmark.

Every year, the first weekend in September, a special event draws HUGE crowds! Their annual kite flying festival! And the crowds are massive!

Family time is priceless and we owe a HUGE thank you to my parents, that invited us to come along to Norway, and Denmark, to my dad driving everywhere, exploring and just being able to visit with them all! To my mom for feeding Nick and helping with his daily chores, again to my dad for supervising while helping with the house work, and enjoying the occasional beer 🍻.

A very special thank you to my sister and hubby, and kiddos, for letting us enjoy every minute we had with them!! 🥰

Priceless to say the least! We will cherrish all our memories with them this past summer, and all times in the past...

Again, none of this would have been possible if it weren't for one of my bestes friend and her family, for letting me stay at their house, for helping me with so many things, for feeding me, giving me a place to sleep and rest between all the flights, and for just being there for me while I went to work, across the Atlantic oh so many times, back and forth! 🥰😘 You all have forever all my gratitude!

My sisters' support and help with the house work/chores and of course the kiddos!! What pleasure and fun Nick said they were to be around!! In Denmark that week for both of us, and then in Germany the whole time he was there with them.

All so very priceless! Our hearts are full of love for them ALL🥰

And so our adventures sailing around the world continue.... 💚⛵️

Stay tuned as to what comes next! Back to Cartagena, Colombia? Not quite yet, a visit to our old stomping grounds is next.... including Nicks mom and Dan of course! 😘


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