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Porthole Screens

Glacier Gem has 18 portholes…but didn’t have any porthole screens to keep out mosquitoes! Monika is a mosquito magnet, so keeping those killers out is a must. When we tried to find commercial porthole screens, the only thing we could locate cost $80USD apiece. That would mean $1440 to get mosquito netting all around…Monika is worth it…but that is certainly not frugal. So we built our own out of bamboo cross-stitch frames with stainless steel mesh inside. Two frames are riveted together with the mesh between them. Each frame now cost less than $5.00 to make. The first test piece with only paint on it lasted one year in the weather before needing complete refinishing. Monika decided to seal the screen rims with flex seal instead of only paint…so let’s see how long those last!

1 Comment

Jun 03, 2022

Yay! Nice job Moni!

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