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Rebuilding continues…

In case you are wondering where we are in our rebuild progress… well, we are still rebuilding, … in the cargo room!😂

Nick is working on the bunks in the cargo room, still, as the first time he installed and welded them in place, I said “Honey, it cannot work, and won’t work this way.”

(there wasn’t going to be enough space for getting up into the bunk, let alone turning around in it, so he just lowered the head-end and raised the foot-end to make it level, as level as anything can be on a boat! We also switched the ends, the head-end is now the foot-end and the foot-end is now the head-end ! So, he cut everything off, used the grinder and then reattached, re-welded it back on )

And, here he goes again, rebuilding the rebuild of the cargo room bunks…

meanwhile, I enjoyed shooting this little guy…WITH my camera! (For those that don’t have these little critters, it’s an opossum, the only North America marsupial with opposing thumbs, eating ticks, bugs… and dead stuff. They are so ugly that they are kinda cute.) Stay tuned for some pictures of the cargo room bunk progress.

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