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Reflection from the water

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

WOW! What a day yesterday!

The Gem successfully was hoisted and launched after 4 years being worked on.

Such an emotional day, not sure if I should cry, laugh or just scream of excitement!

We OWE this to Todd at McNally Nimergood. Without his kindness this project would have taken easily another year. 😮 We would have had to build a marine railway under the boat and slide the Gem that way into the water. IF we would have been in the water this year, then we wouldn’t have had time to test the boat before starting our circumnavigation. THAT would have taken an additional summer. Todd stepped up and donated this awesome crane to us to make this happen. A big thank you to the three great professionals, Justin, Sam, and Tim, working the crane, and, their sense of humor! It certainly wasn’t easy, but they sure made it look like it was!

She flew!!! Who knew!!!😮🤣 never used the Gem for tree limb trimming , she was perfect for it while she flew so high! 🤣

As we sit on our first anchorage, having spent a beautifully peaceful night on the river, YESSSSSSS, finally, we enjoy the reflections the Gem brings…. IN THE WATER!

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