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Rigging the sails

The past couple days Nick has been rigging the sails. A loooot of work is involved in putting the battens in the sail pocket, attaching lines … first he had to get 21’ pipes for the battens. They only sell them locally at 20’ lengths. Brought them first to the boat, which is sitting at a dock in a Marina, just to find out , the electrical outlets here aren’t “perfect”, and our tig welder didn’t want to work.

So, we took a “dinner cruise” down the river to our place, just so he could use the mig welder and lengthen the pipes to 21’. And back to the Marina we went.

How fun!

As we are sitting on the boat, a storm outside, we are a bit slower at things today. Mostly indoor chores to be done.

We are trying to get the sails done as soon as we can, as we have our first real trip planned in a couple days!!!!

While we are waiting out this storm, a whole bunch of little tasks are getting done, packing, storing, securing and food shopping 👏🏻😉

A video of our awesome launch is still being worked on!

Please stay tuned.


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