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Saying Goodbye To Memphis

After a month in Memphis, rebuilding the engine and accomplishing various other things, like provisioning, filling up on diesel, me going to work for 2 1/2 weeks during that time, putting the masts back up, and attaching the sails, dodging heavy fog, we are finally once again, Southbound!

While it's been drury, gloomy, grumpy and rainy kind of weather, and cold, let's not forget that wet cold 🥶, we've had a wonderful warm wood stove heated boat to keep us comfortable.

But, it was time to leave...👏🏻

We met some kind and wonderful people in this town, this area, people that would go out of their way to help us, to loan us their vehicles, like Oliver, so we could run errands. Or like Tommy who would take Nick to get parts for the engine rebuild etc.

Joe, the Marina manager, who was just the best! He helped us out in a huge way!!!Nick got the chance to help him out with various little work projects in return, of course once the engine was rebuild, and those kind of things, are priceless.

Paul, who gave Nick a small job to do! Yay! He likes this sort of "stuff".

And lastly, my flying colleague Doreen, who was such an angel and helped out monetarily for the huge engine rebuild expense ! Unexpectedly! We are sooo very grateful to her!! 🥰

Thank you so much Memphis, and your kind people we encountered!

The next part of the journey has already begun....

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