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The Mighty Mississippi River

We had a choice to make.

Going down the Mississippi River or up the Ohio River through the Tenn-Tombigbee Waterway?

So, at the confluence of the Ohio River and the Mississippi River, we ended up choosing to continue going down the Mississippi River not only because Nick always wanted to, me silently too, and not many people choose this route as it is heavy of tow/tug barge traffic, but it also was going to get us down South in a better timeframe to continue our journey to the Panama Canal.

Our friend Mick of the S/V Phantom decided to dodge the heavy "Looper" traffic (boaters that do the great circle route) that was going to be on the Tenn-Tom and head down the Mississippi River, coincidently too. YAY!

There were two locks between us leaving Alton Marina in Illinois, and our next big stop, roughly 250 miles, of Memphis Tennessee.

This part of the Mississippi River gives way to beautiful sandy banks and beaches, with many many wing dam built out into the river to prevent erosion, with hardly any houses or buildings and very few factories.

Here and there you can find old pieces of structures from times past as once things were...lost in time almost. Boats stranded on the banks as the River receded over the past years, especially this year, or even longer, or for other reasons maybe too.

The Mighty Miss does has heavy traffic of huge tow/tug and barges many of which are over a 1000 feet (over 300 meters) long and 175 feet (over 35meters) wide!

What a sight! A LOT of stuff gets moved along the River systems!

Some, on the other hand, just going out for a piggyback stroll....😜

We love anchoring out on the water, away from city lights and traffic noise. An abandoned dock works just fine too. One can find beautiful nature, beautiful things in all, all around us, when one is not too distracted by busy city life.

We are able to enjoy starry nights with clear skies and wildlife sounds that might get missed in a Marina or a Harbor. We have stayed at some very nice Marinas though and can appreciate the safety and security found there.

As we made the choice to continue on the Mississippi River South, we got to enjoy seeing and passing by the St.Louis Arch from the water!

Memphis Tennessee is our next bigger, longer stop for a little laundry, diesel fuel and engine "maintenance." More to come on that one.....poor Nick.


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