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Todays Agenda

Today we will be working on the interior wood trim in the main cabin. Yesterday a friend came by to give us his professional opinion on our industrial interior design. He gave us an overview of some of his past projects (which were absolutely stunning). He also gave us some great design pointers and even offered to help build the curved interior wood beams. The curved beams inside the main cabin, the outside helm, and some block and tackles, are the only things made of wood on the boat. It’s somewhat outside of the comfort zone doing woodwork instead of metalwork. We’ve found that the problem with trying to weld wood is that it just starts fires. Hopefully we can work alongside our friend and pick up some pointers from him. Even though it is New Year’s Eve, when it comes to getting our boat completed, we do not see holidays…the fun never ends. Happy New Year everyone, may it be safe, healthy, and happy!

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Please bear with us

We have had very spotty and/or poor signal and no internet available to post updates on our blogs and videos. Pictures and updates will be posted as soon as available. We are doing great, and we thank

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