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Up The Yazoo! River…Vicksburg! Then on to Baton Rouge

We looked for a safe anchorage coming into Vicksburg, and as it's on a river bend, we went up the Yazoo River to look for a spot away from Tug/Tow and barge traffic and strong currents.

Vicksburg is a town located right at the junction of the Mississippi River and the Yazoo, and it was an important city during the Civil War.

There is a beautiful flood wall painted with murals representative of its history about 70 feet high off the river bank.

In 1927 they got hit with the worst

flood ever, displacing hundreds of thousands of people and causing huge agricultural damage!

Vicksburg has a couple very cool museums, The Old Depot Museum, which is all about trains, boats and all things related to its history .

Then there is the other one, an Army Corps of Engineers Museum, which has the Mississippi IV, a decommissioned Tug/Tow boat from the Army Corps of Engineers on display and it shows the history of the Mississippi River and how it's been "routed" and "taken care of" throughout the years, to make it safer and more valuable to its traffic and people living on it or using it. Very interesting and super cool!

We tied up in a bight, off the main Yazoo River, in a pretty shallow spot, tying off to shore four way! Pretty neat spot for sure.

We took the opportunity while here, to enjoy some yummy southern food, strolling around town, and much needed r&r!

After a couple nights in this anchorage, we are once again off, direction South!

Our next night's stop was at anchor, at a place called Waterproof Cutoff! Coincidentally it was pouring cats and dogs! 🥴 (couldn't take pictures in that kind of weather, sorry )

The rain accompanied us for part of the next day too.

That night's anchorage was tucked away in The Mudhole, off of the main channel, nice and quite and no wake! All night long! Perfect!

Baton Rouge was our next and last anchorage for this stretch on the River. It was at a lock wall. Keeping us safe from all this commercial heavy traffic is always a top priority! One side was noisy with hundreds of ducks, squawking till dark, and the other side was noisy with Tow/Tug traffic going through the lock! But, in a place like Baton Rouge where there really is no safe spot to tie up to, this was doing the job just fine!

And our journey South continues....


Stanislav Repa
Dec 23, 2022

Just few more miles to New Orleans, wishing you much better weather finally, you deserve it!!!

Dec 24, 2022
Replying to

Yay!!! Wir sind hier!!! Aber auch Arschkalt!!! 🥰😳🤣🥶

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