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Waiting on Parts…But not like in Alaska!

Being in the Midwest USA is certainly more convenient than where we were in Alaska. Two days ago, we used all of the #14 stainless oval head 1.5” screws. More have been mail ordered and are enroute. They should arrive tommorrow! If we were still in Western Alaska it’d take about two weeks, at best, to get the parts because they have to be flown in by bush plane. Sometimes, it felt like we were stuck in a Joseph Conrad novel waiting for steamboat parts in Africa.

Until our parts arrive, a series of small tasks will fill in the project list. Monika is continuing the painting of the main cabin interior panels, using outdoor paint designed for barns, in the color white. And she still has to go do her real job too! The main engine has not been rolled over in two months. It’s time to start it up to keep everything oiled. The Cargo Room needs to be prepped for the interior build. There are lots of little tasks to do while we wait on parts…never any real down time!

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Stanislav Repa
Dec 28, 2021

Nice to see your project improving, great job! I still need to be familiar with your blog, it will come with the time! Good luck with everything!!⛵️❤️

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