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We are FINALLY putting on NON SKID on our deck!

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

I think today we started working on the most tedious and labour intensive project. 😮

The non skid is getting cut and meticulously laid on deck.

As I am doing the cutting in a somewhat cooler indoors, not really, but out of the sun at least, and it sounds better 😉, it is about 90°F/32°C, Nick is on deck applying the non skid. Thank goodness today comes with clouds and a pleasant breeze.

Nick gets me the measurements and I then cut from the roll. But before it gets laid, well…stuck on, he cleans the deck and polishes it.

We first had to find the lengthwise exact center with a plumb bob as nothing is really straight on a boat, and then we started measuring from the center outward. We are starting from the bow, working aft…. and everything that can be stepped on, will get the non skid!

We are using white non skid, that way we can see where we step in the dark, and as we pull the paper backing off, it softens a bit and takes on the aluminum color as not to be too bright white.

This is now THE last project on deck, before the boat goes in the water!👏🏻


Jul 04, 2022

Another step done! Looks great!!


Jul 02, 2022

LAST big project! Wow! 4 years of very hard work. You both must be very proud. We sure are!

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