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Who knew

As we are enjoying our first shake down sail, it’s been a 250 mile trip so far, 6 days, with stormy winds, grumpy waters and rain, we are experiencing our first day and a half tied up on a sea wall in a Marina, waiting for more favorable winds to take us back to our home harbor.

These past 36 hours with mostly cloudy and rainy weather, made us realize that sun is needed to power our few things on board.

Sun is very important to our solar panels! Who knew?!? 😮🤣 LOL

We have a few items on board that require power, like our refrigerator, our lights, a water kettle and a hot plate, and video editing equipment. Pretty basic, I’d say.

We designed the Gem specifically to be self sufficient with very minimal draw.

With sitting tied up the past 36 hours, and no sun, and us using the fridge and lights, and water kettle , it made us notice how fast the batteries drain. With no sun.

I tried to make a hot cup of cocoa on this gloomy rainy evening for Nick, using the electric hot plate and we didn’t have enough power. 😮

Who knew how valuable sun can be?

We ended up moving our main sail that partially rests on top of the solar panels all the way over to one side, in order to uncover most of them for the sunshine we are expecting in the early morning hours , as not to lose power to the only thing left running , our fridge!

So, in order for Nick to enjoy that hot cup of cocoa after all, I resorted to my trusty alcohol stove, and the evening was saved! It was enjoyed very much without lights. Our portholes mostly uncovered to get some of the harbor lights in, with the smell of fresh air and water lapping against the hull we are saying goodnight.


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