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  • Thomas Colvin Gazelle design.

    • More information about Thomas Colvin here.​

  • Hull Material: Aluminum

  • Hull Thickness: 1/4" hull, 3/16" cabin and deck. Bow is reinforced to 3/4".

  • Length: 50'1" (15.3m). 

  • Beam: 11'7" (3.6m).

  • Draft: 4'1"

  • Sail Plan: Junk Rigged

  • Sail Area: 863ft square (80.2m)

  • Displacement: 15,377lbs empty, with some ballast, before the rebuild. 

  • Engine: Kubota, V1902d, 42 HP, marinized by Universal Marine.

  • Keel cooled.

  • Dry Exhaust.

  • Motoring Design Range: full throttle and with the heater on maximum output: 500NM. 

  • Maximum Speed under sail: about 9.5kts. (our personal best is 14.2kts).

  • Maximum Speed under engine: about 6.5kts on flat calm water with no wind, before the new propeller.

  • Worm-Gear Steering.

  • Four watertight bulkheads.

  • Dewatering capability: we can dewater a 5" hole in the boat at the deepest spot (I hope we never have to).

  • Firefighting: 2", 220GPM, 70' stream range.

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